Anti-Aging Treatments

Hydradermie The Star Treatment
This unique treatment incorporates the use of mild galvanic currents, nourishing gels and massage for total rejuvenation of the complexion. Recognizing the skin as a living organ, this facial was developed to help it live and age better.  Offered in the U.S. only by trained estheticians at Guinot headquarters in New York and Los Angeles and locally at Faye’s Facial Clinic. – $110
Hydradermie Series of 3 – $300
Hydradermie Series of 6 – $550

Spectacular Lifting Treatments
This exclusive lifting treatment using the Guinot Lift machine targets the face, neck and eye area for visible anti-aging results after just one session. The Guinot Lift is designed to drain away puffiness, stimulate blood circulation and, by the use of gentle stimuli, firm and tone the facial muscles. Fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced, facial contours are more refined and the skin is radiant and youthful.

Hydradermie Lift
Visible results after the first treatment without injection!  With age and fatigue, the contours of the face become heavier and less defined, and signs of aging appear on the face.  Hydradermie Lift works by simulating the facial muscles and reactivating cellular activity for a lifting effect on the features.  At the end of treatment, your face looks smoother and firmer. – $130
Hydradermie Lift Series of 3 – $350
Hydradermie Lift Series of 6 – $650
Hydradermie Lift plus full Hydradermie for maximum effect – $165

Hydradermie Eye Lifting Treatment
Specifically works the muscles around the eyes (the orbiculares) to tone and give them new firmness.  After the first session, fine lines fade, crows feet are smoothed and the eyes look younger. – $70
Eye Lift Series of 3 – $190

Liftsome – Lifting-Energizing
Immediate firming of the facial and neck contours is achieved with this treatment.  The depth of fine lines and wrinkles are filled up with a vitamin-enriched serum, collagen stimulants, and a Thermolift Masque to regenerate your skin’s firmness. – $110
Liftosome Series of 2 plus one Hydradermie The Star Treatment – $300

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